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Im so happy this game has multiplayer. However i found an issue playing with a friend of mine.

He felt that while playing with me he was basically like a third wheel. He felt that he wasnt accomplishing anything while playing with me. He also was struggling to find a reason to build stuff/assembly lines when mine would always look better than his.

I figure if he could build his own city or outpost this wouldnt be an issue and ppl could enjoy basically playing almost solo but on a multiplayer save that belongs to a friend.
I think ideally if we could get both the ability to build multiple HUBs and have the option to have a setting for players to either share tech tier progress or have individual tech tier progress that would solve this issue.

This way players could start up their own outposts or projects in multiplayer games if they wish without having to coordinate everything they do. When i play multiplayer games i like to mostly hang out, not work to not step on each others toes when building things.
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Me and my buddy played together on his save file and he only plays on this save when we are together, so we only progress together. I have a say in how I want thing built/laid out and what we're going to research/unlock next. I might not be able to progress on my own tier, but we have progressed together and I don't feel like I've been gypped.

Otherwise we play on our own servers and visit each other to see what the other has built.

I know this isn't a fix to what you're saying, but you can progress together is my point.
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I definately agree with this, I only yesterday was thinking about posting the same question, it’s more than just competing too, some people like the idea of having enemy/conpeting bases or even bases in different biomes being able to work together doing their own research, plus, at this stage pvp is pointless, what is the point of being able to kill each other if you are working together? Would make more sense if you had the choice for your own hub.

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Frist the idea is good having an option when i start a game if my friends have own tech tree with own hub or we share everything.

The good thing about having my own tech tree is we can build two or more factory base and with the train and vehicles we could make trading routes. Maybe i have more iron ore and my friend is near chopper ore so we could exchange this and make a trading route.

But on the other hand i also like playing together. I played with a friend and we decide he build the factory and i focus on research and upgrade the tech tree. Worked fine until Tier 3 than i told my friend we need reinforced iron plates but he wasnt to fast with building and i had to craft it on my own at the hub...

For me research and tech upgrades could be more challanging and more expensive with different materials and goals not everytime the same iron plates, rods, wires...
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Ok, so, while your friend can't have a specific HUB, he can easily still make his own little base somewhere as you can make work benches and crafting benches and then go find a good resource point and build up over there then have stuff delivered to the main hub in a tractor.

And having your own tech tree just doesn't make sense to me, I mean, if you're on the same planet, working for the same company, sending resources to the same people, if one of you gained a technology, or a new way to make something, isn't this information you would share? It's not like you're rivals trying to monopolise the resources on the planet.
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That make sense for sure but what if people want to play this way, make your own research and see who is faster "better". A competitive way to play against each other.

I like both ways so an option would fix this.

Also with the big map and different biomes if would be nice to have a competitive playstyle.
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Well, in my opinion it's not a game that lends itself to a competitive atmosphere at all.

A good suggestion all the same if you want to do it that way, and I'm sure, in time, if the devs don't do it a mod might be created to allow this. As for me, I prefer the system they have in place during co-op now, where you work together for a common goal.
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looks to me like the only reason you're wanting a multiplayer world is so you can compete?  why not have your seperate single player worlds, but leave them as multiplayer joinable so you can pop in and check on each others progress and brag?
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I'd like the separate hub.  So that my friends and I could do separate bases and centralize the elevator.  But each hub linked to each other.  So we each could add resources from our own bases to the tech tree and anyone who adds the last resource needed pushes the button.  We all share the same tech.  

Eventually each of us having trains to go dump resources from our own bases and then have trucks unloading on to belts that load the elevator.  Would be pretty sweet.  

It's tough to jump in and collaboratively work on a single base.  It's a lot easier to simply contribute resources from your own base.
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What's stopping you setting up the hub and space elevator in a central location between two spawns and then each building their own supply line and delivering products to that location?
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This is exactly what me and my two friends did.
We started in the desert biome and one of my friends was new to the game compared to me and the other guy. So he felt out of place at first, while we were flying through the first couple Tiers. Once we got the tech to travel comfortably, we each branched out a separate way towards big resource heavy areas. Fast forward like 30 hours of gameplay and the new guy has the best looking base out of all 3 of us and we're super happy for him. It's definitely the way to play. Plus we all come back to the Hub every now and then to upgrade the area and unlock new Tiers.
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