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this is just an idea that has come to mind from the alpha weekend

the maps made for the game are incredible but I feel like there should be a random terrain generation option so you don't know what you're gonna get just since they game would get boring quite quick always finishing it and then replaying one of the three maps available
especially with people posting it a lot on Youtube it would just become to easy to find where things are at from memorization

as if it was all a mystery to what the world is gonna be like for an
adventure/building/exploration game then its a lot more enjoying to go hunting for the resources
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I agree.
the map is big enough for having fun during the early access, but there are already people that know perfectly the map and, much worst, there are websites that show a complete map. I guess a lot of new players will just cheat and look at those websites' map.

a procedural terrain generator would prevent that.
It would have other advantages: creating maps depending on difficulty mode, players modes (if there will be some rivalry modes), etc.

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The devs have explained that there will be no procedural generation in the current roadmap for the game. They have hand-crafted the entire map so the game has absolutely no map generation functions itself.
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