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Satisfactory Feedback - +25 hours played

*First impression*

- Intro is fckin cool, landing in space capsule on a wild life planet, oh yes!

- Nature, beautiful colourful fauna and flora, huge map to explore, caves and more.

- Animations, every machine is looking great, coal generators are spinning, miners are automatically extending, constructors and assemblers has animations, very cool.



- First 2 hours in game were like “which key does what, what can I do here and why am I even here? :D “, I was following A.D.A task, but this “tutorial” could give more explanations, for example, that you can connect more generators in one power line, how to set up autopilot (it was a nightmare first few minutes), these two things I was missing the most.

- Build menu is intuitive, after few minutes I was in love with it, just press Q, choose what to build and we are ready to go, very good job.

- Inventory, it could be little bit bigger, icons are to small and equipping weapons and other things should work by clicking on them, not dragging them all the way into characters slot.



- When you are unlocking tiers, you cannot look into locked ones, what will they bring to you, this isn’t good for planning factory, for example I build a production line, which is super complex and after that I realise, that there is a machine that can simplify this line a lot. Player should know, what the next tiers will bring him to prepare plans and factory for it.

- Also the Tier system is fine, but maybe a classic research tree could be better, because if you for example want to unlock cars, I first need to unlock beacons and other items, but in the current tier system I can unlock a car without knowing how to craft beacon, I can skip these researches, which is a shame.


*Autopilot and tractors*

- Well, this needs to be fixed, autopilot is too dumb, I expected something like basic collision avoidance, when 2 tractors are crossing their roads, they hit each other and one truck is shooted like 300 meters away and often stuck in some structure and you need to destroy it, build it again and set the route again, very annoying. I was trying to solve this by going very slow in areas of crossing routes, but I did not succeed. Definitely need fix.



- I expected few crashes, sometimes game was lagging, but I know this was alpha and game will be optimized and polished.


- Xeon zapper is fine, but for exploring the jungle and caves it’s not enough. There is also a Rebar Gun, but again, I was expecting something more powerful, sometimes I had hard times only with small handgun while fighting for a hard drive: D.


*Some final suggestions*

- Storage containers could have some display with items in it

- Vehicles autopilot could be smarter

- There could be a vehicle with at least to seats

- When you drop item on conveyor, it gets stuck in the air and does not travel on the conveyor

- Player when standing on a conveyor is faster than items on it

- Some types of drones could be added to bring you items, it’s very annoying to run through all factory and collecting material for building

- Alien attacks and turrets could be added for more intense gameplay

- Game should more motivate player to explore the planet.

- Some lights could be added, I want to work over night

- More sources of power could be added (solar power, geothermal power, wind turbines …)

- Camera mode for doing video clips could be added too

- Splitters and mergers could be vertical and horizontal, not only horizontal

- There could be something like sorter that can sort items from belt into specific output


*Final conclusion*

It is a great game, it has big potential and I’m following up to see more of content and how this game will be developing, already purchased the early access.

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Very good feedback! Agree with all what you say even if i dont know the autopilot yet.

I wanted to give an additional note for research.
I would love to see more complexity with needed materials for research, it could be connected with exploring the world like we need alien material or the computers from crashed pods instead only everytime the same amount of plates, rods, screws and wires.
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