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1) Bigger icons. Inventory and items in general ave very small, which sometimes lead to raw resources being indistinguishable from each other.

2) Inventory management. A way to quickly swap equipable items such as zapper and chainsaw. When being ambushed by a beast it's hard to re-equip your weapon. Even a shift+click would do much.

3) Modular splitter and merger models. Just a visual upgrade for splitters and mergers to have the unused output/inputs to not have a hole. Or give us variants of 2:1 split/merge.

4) Splitter and merger advanced control. Allow us to select which input/output to take priority.

5) Construction consistency. I cannot place constructor or smelter when their area overlaps other structures but I can place a splitter or merger so that it clips inside a structure (which causes belts to be impossible to place, afterwards).

6) Belt smoothness. Visual/aesthetics upgrade. Allow belts to have smoother curve when placing inbetween two belt supports, or from-to a structure.

7) Foundation snap to resource nodes. Aesthetics/OCD upgrade. Just so that we can align miners with the rest of the grid of the plant.

8) Overclock maths consistency. The 200% overclock does not give 200% output. That's what numbers tell me and that's what I expect to happen. Also, round up the output numbers. People will be interested in 80MW, not 80.94835629MW.

9) Resource usage info. That's especialy for coal generator. The rollout gives info about how long will a piece of coal last, but I'd like to know how many coals will the generator use in one minute (just like other structures do).

10) Energy graph additional info. Give us the actual numbers on usage. Also, why show generated and used when both are always the same?

11) Auto-reload on rebar gun. No comments on this one. It's just a common thing. There is no need for rebar to be not-loaded.

12) Windows on walls, doors in doors. Yep.

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I agree with all of your suggestions.
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I would suggest for 1) that you have preset sizes of icons, small medium and large. As making scaling icons can cause a host of visual problems.
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As for number 9, telling you the usage does tell you how many pieces it will use per minute.
(5.4/s equates to 11.1r (so just over 11 coal/minute at full capacity (60/5.4)) But the usage isn't consistant though. Because while it will use 5.4/s, that's at full output, so it actually uses less if the load isn't full.
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