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On my first try of the alpha I had died before putting down my base. I saw the waypoint to my corpse and was on my way to it when I died again. So now I had 2 waypoints to get to, which is fine, it's just I accidently ran past one of them, without even seeing the box let alone collecting my stuff, and the waypoint disappeared. I had to restart the game in order to not die so soon and to build the base as soon as.

Later on in the 2nd playthrough I died, ran to my corpse box, then without collecting anything, tested out the waypoint, and yep it's gone. So it'd be nice to have the waypoint always there until you collect your things from the death box.

Apart from that, so far everything's ok and playing well. Maybe a hit sound could be louder when getting damage, especailly from animals.
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I was just complaining about the death icon. It turns out if you log out and rejoin the icon shows up again allowing you to find your dropped gear.
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I was just posting a suggestion about that. That the DB marker heading does NOT disappear until AFTER we empty it.
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