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- constructors are a bit broader than foundations and then everything looks awful

- multilevel-conveyor-poles should snap with the lowest pole

- research is way too easy; you're not really forced to upgrade your 'first small' factory to a more comprehensive one in these first tiers; progress feels too fast

- we felt too powerful in the beginning of the game defense-wise, there was no big need to defend oneself

- enemy creatures should show visual feedback when hit and damaged by the 'nailgun'

- conveyor belts shouldn't be buildable where rocks and obstacles are (doesn't look great)

- hub hitbox is too big on the biomass generator side (there are be huge gaps between the hub and other buildings)

- item icons should be bigger

- tools should be easier to put in the characters hand (hotbar link?)

- conveyor poles buildable on walkways

- smaller foundations, walls with half the height, better stairs

- chainsaw deals damage

- tool for removing rocks

- buildable light sources (if it doesn't come in later Tiers)

- buildable ladders

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The multi-level conveyor arch snaps to the top of each new arch that's placed and while it's difficult to place an arch on top of the location of a pole, it can still be done.

Things in the test weekend were deliberately easier than the release build will be.

The devs have specifically stated there will be no base defence as it's a factory game, not a survival game.

Chainsaw dealing damage, while being potentially being ok, because of how the game works, I honestly don't think it would work well. The speed guys wouldn't be in range long enough, the spitters run away every time you get close, and not fought anything else yet, though I did get zerged by the spider once.

As for everything else, it's all been mentioned somewhere already and could have been easily found by searching.
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