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We are engineers. That means we solve problems. And there ain't a lot of problems as engaging as the need to counter some kind of threat.

Question of base defense mechanics has been raised multiple times(be that here or on Reddit), which shows that there are a lot of people that do not really enjoy current state of constant peace in the game world. There isn't much need to expand because of overabundance of resources. We can build our factories in any way our creativity/laziness allows us, it doesn't really matter in the end. Efficiency can be a concern, but even then nothing stops us from just leaving game running over night to stockpile resources instead of improving/expanding factory. Besides that(correct me if I'm wrong) currently we can literally wipe out every living being on the map and be left in this beautiful but dead tourist resort alien planet, which isn't as difficult to achieve as you may think considering we can have several players doing hunting.

As you can see these things as well as absence of risk do not contribute to prolonged and engaging gameplay. But the moment we have to account for a constant threat of any kind, doesn't matter how big or small, every aspect of base building gets much more depth. Factory layout, terrain topography, supply lines, a lot thing suddenly begin to matter. Not talking about weaponry itself. Who doesn't want to see up close and personal how minigun turret they built is raining bullets on enemies?

On other hand there are people who do not want some stray hog wreaking havoc in the middle of megafactory they spent 50 hours building. Which probably is the main reason why devs opted not to add alien attacks yet. Which is totally understandable. They don't want to please one camp of players at cost of annoying another. So here is a possible compromise solution to this problem.

Game map is already split into several distinct biomes(grasslands, desert, jungles etc.). Which means we can treat of them as separate zones. And apply different rules to some of them. Like to keep starting zone safe, but make other zones(all or just some) hostile.

At same time give player convincing reason to go and exploit distant zones. Like unique resources, similar to how uranium ore is currently implemented. Anything that makes player want to build if not small factory but at least an extraction outpost out there in the wild. And since we have to fight our way through to get there(even in current state of the game) it should feel natural that we also have to somehow defend these outposts.

This ensures that player is safe until he is ready to boldly go where no construction tool has been before. Doesn't have to worry about too much things at same time, especially in early phases of game. Can venture on long exploration trips because he doesn't need to babysit his main factory. But can't be completely careless later down the line.


  • Starting zone stays safe.
  • Other zones contain unique late-game resources.
  • Aliens attack only those distant zones.

I encourage you to voice your opinion on this topic so we can properly discuss it and see what people actually want.
Also you can vote in Satisfactory Community Feature Requests channel here.

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I think zones of increasing hostility could be cool.

I also think a good way to manage difficulty could be with efficiency and speed modifiers for machines, as well as upgrade modifiers for each upgrade/tier.
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No!  If I have to start defending my base or repairing / rebuilding damaged machines from alien attacks then the game is ruined for me.

There are plenty of those kinds of games, satisfactory is something different and special, really hope it's kept that way.
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You can just offer an option in the game settings to turn off deterioration/alien attacks for players like you.

I want to add to the OP proposal, by saying that hostile zones should have hostile weather: lightning storms, ion storms, sand storms, earth quakes, tsunamis, etc.  

Actually ANY weather would be good, there isn't even rain that damages exposed factories...

Yes the game has no challenge right now.

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the game encourages us to produce but it would be great if a good part of that production was consumed by the combat.
repairing the walls from time to time sucks but I think the fight deserved to have a bigger weight in the game
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since the game is about automation , we would also need a robot or something similar to auto repair it for us
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I think a setting of agresivness/number of alien beeings can solve the matter.

If you want more powerfull, bigger, and more agressive hogs, lightning goats, spiders, whatever... bring that cursor to maximum. Who is happy with that peacefull world designed for building megafactories, let it on minimum.

Just my 2 cents...
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There are a few groups of Pyromancers in the desert area that have 3 or 4 tier2 mobs in a single group and when they all start casting the fire rain, it gets really brutal and they will kill you without giving you much chance to fight.  Its hard to even run away at times.  So increasing mob numbers would be very effective in increasing the difficulty.
Not sure how increased aggression would work.  The only problem I see in aggression is typically in areas with lots of brush.  They lose their target of attack very easily and frequently the hogs are just sitting still waiting to be killed.  You can move right up on top of them and double hit them before they can respond.

Also, There are 3 tiers of spiders and pyromancers. The higher tier hogs area really hard to dodge so adding more of those would work, and maybe a tier3 hog?  Pyromancers and fireflies working together would be an interesting way to apply aggression. If a pyromancer spots you then they should be able to hatch the firefly pods around them.  Maybe even intentionally running towards the ones nearby.  Having different animals working in sync could make for some interesting combinations.
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I think that we need these base defense thing but I would like to suggest something.

The idea of having different difficult zones are nice but I don't think that the starting one should be safe. It wouldn't add a difficult or a concern about the defense system in the early game.

I understand that there are people that really like the sandbox system there is now and to maintain this I would suggest a "Pacific" mode that wouldn't trigger the attacks and wouldn't have the different difficult zones system.

Manage difficult of the attacks could use a system where the creatures adapt to your defenses based on the "successful rate" of the attack, let me explain.

A type of creature that I will call X have 100 of HP and 10 of damage. The attacks are made in packs of 5 of these creature for example.

If they destroy a structure before die they receive a +5 HP for the next attack.

If they just cause damage a structure they receive a +5 HP and +2 damage

If they die before reach a structure they receive +10 HP and +5 damage

Of course these number are just for and example of how it could work.

One think that is important to remember is there a defense machanic would require a structure life system that doesn't exist yet so it could be something that devs need to consider.
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Now that I am more experienced in the game and playing around with mods a bit, I still love this idea.  It would trigger peoples imagination to try and find ways to maximize the durability of each type of wall or even make reinforced walls.  This could end up making some fun castle building.  On the hardmode you could further scale the difficulty of the area with the size of the influence.  So deforesting an area and building a massive base would incur a siege of animals rather than the occasional few for a small miner outpost.
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Devs Clearly stated it ! There won't be any base defense or mobs attacking your base !

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Then they need to add hostile weather, like PlanetBase
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yeah yeah i know we have to keep all the pacifists happy but for all of us that want a hard mode we need something more.  They are already adding a creative mode where you can probably turn off creatures or at least make yourself invulnerable, so why not add another mode that makes survivability a harder.  It doesnt have to be mobs attacking the base but would be nice to at least have much larger numbers out there and have them working together a little more.   There is nothing more difficult than dodging fireflies while pyros and hogs are constantly attacking you!  So what if you die, thats what adds the thrill to it.  As is I very very rarely die to anything anymore and the game has because too easy.
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