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I find that currently building is rather annoying in first person, I was wondering, if an "anchor" function could be added to the build menu? It would be really useful to be able to anchor a hologram and look around to check if you are happy with the placement and then place it down.
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Yes please, this would save so much trial and error placements.
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There were times I wished I could get an overhead look at where I was placing things. Or even after building up my factory to see how the overall flow looked. Maybe a map function, which would also come in handy for when you had stuff built far away from your main location. Or maybe have a drone feature?
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A drone feature would be nice, but I would guess if that was implemented, it would be in a later tier, but being able to anchor should be available from the start.
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That would be awesome! It could use the same two-click mechanism that the basic conveyor pole has.
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Yes. This would help a lot as the holo placement is very sensitive and jumps around at the smallest movement. You need to be able to look around to see that it alings from many angles.
And it would improve on the feeling of being a carefully planning and efficient engineer instead of a test-build, check, tear down, repeat until you get things right where they should be. Measure twice, drill once!

Id prefer if the holo gets fixed in place by right-clicking or holding down right mouse button. The two left-click would be slowing down bulk builds like big platforms or long walkways quite a lot.

The current function of right-clicking to cancel your holo and get the build menu up should be removed, it makes much more sense to press Q to bring up the build menu as per usual (currently pressing Q just cancels your holo and you must press it twice to bring up the build menu which is somewhat annoying). Pressing esc or F or tab should cancel the holo.


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