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I find it quite time consuming to build large platforms (foundations) with the current building system, I would like to see improvement of this, please add the ability to select area to build larger platforms.

In example, click to select starting position, drag 5x5 area, release, enjoy:D

Edit: This took about 2 hours to build, and it was more of  a chore than enjoyable game play, the snapping is quite "delicate" and it often leads to misplacement and rebuilding of the foundations.

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I like it the way it works because having my factory and buildings done in minutes i start beeing bored ingame... more hours needed to build and optimize are perfect having a game playing for a long time.
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Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the feedback. I guess that is one way to look at this, although you still could do it one by one even if this was implemented.I I enjoy the tinkering with buildings, ratios and production, and the exploration of the island.

The tedious building part, lack of building tools and constant placing, checking, removing and repeating is not to my liking. After the two hours this took to build my wrist was so sore that I had to quit for the day. Sadly RSI is a problem for me (and other people), and I always appreciate developers who take repeated strain into consideration when designing game mechanics.
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just as info,(u probably know this)  but there are ergonimic mice that look nothing like the normal mouse and are quite comfertable
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