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Being able to refine ore would be great. There could be several solutions to do it, one could be a chemical process using the "organs" of enemies as an acid, or maybe a grinding process that could could convert the ores into dust where one ore is made into two dust items.

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the game already have some interesting ores, maybe if we can combine Steel + Caterium and add SAM later, and find a use for all that stuff
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Yeah, making alloys sounds like a great idea.
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alloys will be in the game. There are steel plates that you need yo create in a alloy smelter by combining iron and coal. Would be logical to think this there will be other alloys in the game later on
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already exists under "alternate recipes"

for example you can mix Copper Ore and Iron Ore in a foundry to get a better Iron return.
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Oh sorry, you said "better iron" so i just tought it returned more iron, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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no misunderstanding, it does just return 'more iron'
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Quite odd that they call it an alloy then, hmmm.

a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion

So it kinda is and isn't an alloy.
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yes,  the game is in alpha and there are many things that are not 'quite right'   whether its the name of a recipe, the way a vehicle handles when it drives or the shape of a shadow.  the idea is to find what you think is 'not right' and raise it as an issue.
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I think you may be missing the point here... It's not that he thinks it's an issue in the game per say. He's only making a suggestion for there to be actual alloys in the game. Think alloys like brass, and invar.. While the game is still at it's infancy, we still need to raise suggestions like these if we want to see them added in the game, and while it may already be on their personal road map, it's still something we are yet to see, therefore he's doing no wrong here :)
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