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Yeah, I'm DEFINITELY in the "ESC needs to pause game in single player" boat. Not even sure why the game is basically "hosting" for single player anyway. Is this just an early access sort of issue? Hope it gets sorted out either way.
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Why wanna have to pause it?
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SP: Having a break, without everything exploding while your away. (*slightly overdramatic*, but still true in a less extreme way)
MP: Pausing while other Player is joining to shorten join time.
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I simply just would like to have the option to pause the game at least in single player mode.
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For those who asked why a pause button, you actually never gone out of your base and got rekt by a mob while doing something else or you got to pee. I mean sometimes they don't attack you on spot so it's not always easy to know (especially in forest types biomes) if their is an ennemy nearby and the scanner tool can help but not that much (for me at least i do think it's almost useless to have the ennmies research option since they just come at you if you are too close and avoiding them is rarely a solution since you will probably pass by another time to set something if you came for ressources or to put a miner farther)

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No. The answer is "No". The answer with opinion is; "Not currently but, yes please, let me pause my SINGLE PLAYER game."
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[Shift + Ctrl + L] at the same time, this will unlock the console command but nothing will visually happen at this time

then hit `/~ key to open the console command prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the command Pause, do it again to unpause the game.
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This is what I will like, but to have a button so you don't have to use the console.
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They did this in "Stationeers" ... because they developed to the multiplayer (server) design first, instead of the S/A approach.  I bet less than 5% of the players of this game will play multi-player but we all have to suffer because the Devs have some grand vision that this is their version of "Team Fortress".

When your kid knocks over a glass of milk and there's broken glass and milk all over the kitchen floor, you are not going to spend the time to save the game before your run in there and get their bare feet off the floor and clean up the mess ... and then get distracted by life before you get back to the game ... by then, the auto-save have over-written anything close to what you had before you had to leave the keyboard.

When your boss says "come here, now, I need you on this call, I need you to stop this runaway server, while can't I get my PC to do this or that ... you are not going to stop and save the game before you get you ass where your boss wants it.

Bathroom breaks, deliveries, phone calls, pets needing to go outside etc etc ... its total BS there is no PAUSE.  And this is my first rant against this game.

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Your ranting because they didn't add a pause button? There isn't even a need to pause the game.
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Well actually early game there is a very good reason to pause.. Biomass burners.. since you cant auto fill them it will just burn threw the fuel away..
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Burners only burn fuel under load, so if what they are attached to is not drawing power your fuel will not run down.
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What happens when you're away and the burners run out of fuel?

You factory just stops. nothing gets broken.
If you are exploring, make sure you are on a save spot before leaving.
If you have kids in the age of destroying  you house you should not play games anyway
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You obviously don't have kids. Kids any age can destroy the house.
Gaming shouldn't have to stop just because you've got kids. How absurd!
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You are actually running a server on single player just that it is closed so you probably won't be able to pause
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It is always possible to implement pause. It does not matter if this server, or not. Factorio have pause in MP.
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Minecraft uses a single player server and pauses just fine as well.  Lots of games run in a single player server and allow a pause feature.
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Even Diablo does it :x
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at first i whished for that option too, but then -> why? except for the biomass burners at early game, there is no real disadvantage not being able to pause the game, since you only get more ressources etc. so why pause it? i had it run in the background for hours at some point
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If you're exploring and you immediately need to take care of something IRL while near enemies?
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then hide in a truck or sugarcube
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Why is this down voted?  I use the sugarcube to when I need to AFK.  You can then dismantle it - no biggy is it?
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PAUSE is already implemented as ESC key in Single Player.  Just tap ESC key.  and tap ESC again to UNPAUSE.
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ESC definitely does NOT pause the game.  You can test this by checking something like the amount of biomass in a burner, hitting ESC, waiting 10-15 seconds, hitting ESC again and checking the biomass again...you'll see that it continued burning.
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Or just be in combat and watch as the creature keeps attacking you while you try to buy time with escape...
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Not even, hit pause and if you've got machines in view you can see them still moving in the background
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