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I just have a couple of recommendations for ideas that would allow more options and customization to our factories:

-Add preset conveyor pieces.  It would be nice to have curves with different radii to choose from rather than trying to manipulate the curve with different fixed points in the area.  You could also expand this idea into catwalks, round stairways, foundations, etc.

-Similarly, add more types of walls along with roofs, floors, pathways, etc.

-Add signs and displays into the game.  I've seen others mention the desire to label their machines and whatnot, but I'd like to see it go a step further so that I can put signs on buildings, make walkways with street signs, and generally just map out the planet as I discover it.

-Continue showing off players' builds.  Maybe even have an ongoing competition with monthly winners, and allow players to explore copies of these builds.  This would give us more motivation to push ourselves and allow ourselves to be constantly inspired by the community.

Lastly, as a side note, Coffee Stain has done a tremendous job with this game so far, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.  The graphics are beautiful, the mechanics are mostly refined, and it's clear that the devs care about the quality of this game.  Thank you.
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Nice Ticket.

In addition of this i noticed if i build an area with foundations and drive with a truck over it. Between two foundations the truck sinks briefly between the foundations. Im sure the devs will do about this but i got the idea of having streets. How about to have like a street type layer to build only on foundations for vehicles where they also drive like idk 10% faster than?!
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