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Don't know about later game researches but I'm thinking that if I can make a space elevator, I have the technological expertise to make a bow or a firearm.
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Tier2 and it's in alpha:) research alien caparaces
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The Xeno-Zapper upgrade is going to be available with Tier 4, you already can look at it.
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That's a longer stick, the gun is tier2 by research
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It's somewhat of a nitpick, but it deosn't look like you build the space elevator; you build the ground station to hold it, and then the way space elevator comes down from orbit suggests that someone else built the cable, and the structure you build is just holding it down.
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I agree, need a ealier long ranged weapon.

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Spoiler but, there's a ranged weapon if you analyse 11 alien caparaces (1 first, then 10 after).

Worth mentioning, personally, the melee weapon feels much better and when you upgrade it to the longer version it's quite OP.

What I tend to do is run straight up to an alien, hit it once to stun it, then keep smashing right after.

Collecting alien parts is another easy way of getting biofuel.
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I think it isn't necessary to have a firearm, you're building factories and not going to war. There are also very less hostile creatures, so your taser is enough, I'd say.
Edit: There already is a ranged weapon available. You need to analyse 10 alien carpace to get the milestone. You get something like a boltgun.
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go exploring far away from the starting zone and you will change your mind very quickly
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Fair point, haven't run more than about 1km away from spawn, but still managed to get everything I need. They may add guns later when we have laser-technology or something like that.
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the bigger ones are bad  '-'  they cause 2 points of damage.
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Yea, those spiders are nasty
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There are critters that shoot explosive snot at you, that does 2 full pips of health damage per shot. The overblown nail gun they give you (currently) is not adequate for killing these things, especially when, compared to using the upgraded taser beating stick, which takes over a dozen direct hits to the face, and still laughs it off, throwing more explosive snot at you.
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I agree this. The ficsit company wants the player to exploit planets and it wants it effective. There is no reasson to get the player a weapon when he should build factories instead. I find this actualy very funny that they gave us at least  a 'sword' for defense. I think it should stay like this.
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I found a Droppod that requiers Gunpowder. I think with the Content update at the end of April we will be able to craft Gunpowder from Sulfur and maybe a more advanced long range Weapon
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The space elevator IS your ranged weapon.

Story spoiler alert: the tier 10 unlock is a plutonium warhead delivered straight to Ficsit's 'Project Assembly' in orbit...


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