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Ok, so, I just remembered something, which is less of a bug, and more of a QoL / design issue.

If memory serves it's an issue with the central door as opposed to the left/right doors, and I will proceed as such, though anyone still playing alpha feel free to check and correct me.

If you use a walkway attached to a central door panel, turn a corner and head towards another wall with a door not only can you only connect it to the panel if the door is in the right place, once you reach said wall panel it's only a half-distance between the end of the current panel to the start of the wall. Since all walkways are set as a 2 - 1 length of the wall panels for every 2 pieces of walkway you get 1 piece of wall, but the central door is 1.5 walkways into the wall panel and as such will cause overlap when trying to corner to another wall that's perpendicular to the first.
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Yeah, it's weird
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My observation too.

Right now there are three positions you can use for placing walkway pieces - right, centre and left.

If you place a piece in the middle of one floor piece, the walkway will not line up with the left or right position on another floor section, only the middle section again.  If you try to go middle to right/left, you will end up with a weird over-lapped "half piece" of walkway.  

If you build on the right or left position, you can match it up to either the right or left section on another adjacent floor section with no problem.  Again though, if you try to match it up with the centre position on another floor section, it won't line up properly.
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