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es, I don´t want buy the game through the Epic Store, but im gonna do it anyways.

But there is one thing which might be a problem. I havent found Information about how the distribution of mods is gonna work. Either they set up a competely new system like in Factorio, or they use the Steam Workshop, which is already well acomplished. This would be important Information before the launch, and I would hate to have to wait another year before being able to play this wonderful game.

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Within the first year of the exclusivity deal I dont there will not be mods available until the Epic store adds the functionality which from their roadmap looks like Mid Term 4-6 months from now according to the roadmap on https://trello.com/b/GXLc34hk/epic-games-store-roadmap  After the exclusivity deal its TBD if the game goes to steam. Even if it does there is no way for the devs to say if or when steam workshop is going to be a thing.

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There is no mod info yet - either buy now & play or don't. It will probably come to Steam after their exclusive runs out (1 year). Then they might talk about mod support. No idea how it work on Epic.
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