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The hotbar shortcuts using the numeric row above the keyboard do not work on azerty keyboard as the numbers are "shift enabled" keys.
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Belgian/Azerty keyboard here. All shortcuts are working BUT the §/6.

This 6th key is for :
- character "§" (normal)
- "6" (shift)
- "^" (Alt Gr)
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Same issue here.

I found a workaround though.
The §/6 shortcut key works for me when I hold Shift simultaneously. This way at least you can still use the shortcut with only one extra push of a button...

That character used to cause a lot of issues in the era of 16-bit applications, when data type use in databases was very restricted by the hardware limitations back then. I'm quite surprised to have this issue now lol

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It worked for me after remap of all shortcuts to AZERTY keys.

(It even worked for all keys, including french keys "é" and "è" which are often not working in native qwerty games...)
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Indeed it works! It would be great if it were working out of the box but meh, everything nowadays seems to be meant for qwerty keyboards, with the adaptation relayed to the user via keybindings. That's sad.
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Same issue here , for me its only the 6/§ key thats not working.
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Still not fixed... Have to redo Keybinds on every login or load game...
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