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The game booted at the 1440p resolution, I've changed it to 4K (and enabled the Fullscreen checkbox although the game booted in fullscreen) and it was fine. But when I started the game, the mouse cursor in the main menu (where you save your game for example) is drawn at an offset.

It looks like the cursor that the game draws is wrong because when saving the game the text edit cursor is drawn by OS and is shown at the right location.
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This is probably a different issue, so do file it as a separate question
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1920x1080 has permanent offset on mouse pointer. Lower resolution will fix problem. Restarting game, computer or life won't make any difference. Only lowering resolution will fix problem. Win 10, latest updates, latest nVidia driver, GF 1050.
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I too had the same issue. When I started the game, it was not using the maximum resolution available. Navigated to Options > Video. Resolution was blank. Selected resolution and changed it to 2560 x1440. Fullscreen mode was now stretched horizontally and my cursor was drawn a good 200 px to the right and about 30-40 px above where I was actually selecting. Could not drag my mouse far enough to the right to select the options without navigating outside the game window. Restart did not help. redtj2's workaround worked. Since I could not deselect fullscreen, hitting f11 brought it to windowed, where I was able to reselect my resolution of 2560 x1440, and then hit f11 again. Cursor is now aligned properly.
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nope restarting does not help, DO NOT CHANGE TO FULLSCREEN EVER AGAIN!

I have to figure out where to place my cursor to change resolution now lol
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Same problem occurred to me after returning to windows and then back in the game full screen

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Hey friends, i found that when I hit F11 at the start screen it would reset the resolution so it worked again. The problem i had was when i changed to full screen and the resolution at the same time, the mouse was offset and i was no longer able to click anything. It would highlight but i could not select anything. Hope this helps!
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This works. It takes the game out of full screen. Cursor tracking returns to normal.
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Thank you, i did not know the F11 key, though i solved it by using Alt+Return to go to window mode again and then be able to change the settings.
I changed the DPI in windows to 100% instead of the 125% that was default. I also changed the resolution in game to the same as in windows. Also restarted the game after changing the settings, before starting playing. Now i can play :-)
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definitely something wonky with the in-game fullscreen option. just in case anyone doesn't know, in windows alt+enter will take you to fullscreen mode at the windowed resolution, so there's always that
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Seems to be an issue if your selected resolution's aspect ratio doesn't match your monitor's selected aspect ratio. If you select matching aspect ratio, you should be fine. (You can look up your resolution in the Display Settings for Windows.)

As stated in the other answers, if you can't select the button due to the offset, try hitting F11 on windows to go to window mode, then select the resolution there.
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