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(There's a TL;DR with all the suggestions at the bottom if you're too lazy to read this text wall. Thank me later!)

I found myself building a road to what i assume to be a common place to find coal for most people, but when i built the bridge i thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice to have lowered walls, that you can use like a fence instead of those tall walls that block all the view. And i was very surprised noone had suggested this yet. 

Next subject i'd like to touch, proper windows or openings in the wall. Sure, the triple-conveyor input "works" but it doesn't look pretty At All! So just removing the input-thingy and making it a proper opening would look loads better! 

The next (not very handy but pretty) addition would be to add a type of gate, like a gate works on a garage or similar. So you can drive in your car/tractor in style while not using them.

A type of lighting would be very handy when looking at your factory at night, or just making a path! A solar-driven lamp or whatever would make your factory look 10x better even at Night, or if you want to light up the caves even more, you could have a cable running up powering different lights. Floodlights or just plain lights. 

+ Lowered walls (like fences that you can hook onto the floor.)
+ Proper Windows (instead of those conveyor walls)
+ Garage-type gate

+ Torches/Lights

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Hi, i did already ask for railings for bridges.

someone sugested to use walkways. Not sure if that wont make them look to wide.

windows.. yes please. maybe they come at higher tiers.

lights; they are menttioned when unlocking tier 3 I believe. so hopefully they will be in the game on tuseday.

they garage doos.. that would look really cool and i hope it will be implemented
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In terms of windows the roadmap lists Quartz Research Chains as part of feature update 1 aimed for the end of April, I'm hoping that'll include Glass we can make windows out of.
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