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I know that's not the spirit of the game, and i'm not sure about this idea. I'm just saying because i have thoughs about this.

I think the game would be better if it has a challenge. Like a world reponse based on what we do and how we do, or something like that.

For instance, in the well known factorio, enemies will be stronger depending on pollution. So depending on how we build, there are consequences, that are to be managed. Balance between pollution, defenses, production.

I don't want factorio-like game, and this game is not. But I think it's important for hyping people in the long run.

On my opinion, without this side, it it's too much a "sandbox", maybe.

It could be military side but not only. I Seek ideas

What do you think about this ?
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This is not a bad idea for the game for a future update, after production and the rest off the tiers come out.
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I like this idea. Like, when you start using coal power or oil you get newer monsters that are even harder than the ones you already got, making exploring the area in the game harder and unlocking new things to research in the M.A.M. (just my random thoughts) (We don't know yet all of what is being released in the Early Access either)

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