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After a player disconnects, the player's character + name tag is still showing and wont dissappear.

Collision on that character is also still activated which blocks you from paths.
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Can confirm, this is an issue. If this doesnt happen for other people who started with other players, it could be that if a player joins later in the game after a certain point, this happens? As i dont see people complaining about it , could be wrong. Could also be determined on how they disconnected, from going to main menu, or desktop.
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Same here, even after reloadting the savegame.
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Having the same issue,  hopefully this bug will be ironed out in the next update. The model is even saved as part of the game so when i reload at a later date his avatar is still there.

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I assume this is a feature so you can't accidentally build on top of someone while they're logged out.
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I think that's why you always spawn at the hub. Although I dont know where you spawn if no hub is placed.
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Umm I think you might of mis understood the original bug report. Spawning is no issue, it's when your friend logs off your game, his/her avatar just stays inside the game world and doesn't de-spawn. The game still classes this as an entity and doesn't allow people to build on top of them. Also when said person comes back and then logs off then 2 of his avatars are just standing there. This would be especially annoying if you have 4-10 people logging off in different places. Only way around at the momment is to use the zapper and continiously stab until that avatar is killed off.
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No, I understand. I have like 10 bodies in my game at this very moment. Some are from friends that joined at some point and some are even my own from when I loaded in I it made me a fresh spawn and I lost everything I was holding
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Bugger.. yeah it's annoying. Just Zap them to death for the time being ;)
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Are people saying you see *multiple* of each player's avatars? In my game, I only see the single most recent position of each player, which doesn't bother me at all.
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