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When in the choose screen for the reward for decryption of a hard drive it hard crashes. Any fixes?
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Same happens to me.
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Me too.  I'm thinking this is a thing for everyone who's gotten their hands on a drive
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I have the same problem. Doesn't seem to matter which reward I choose. Now the MAM is useless.
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Having the same issue
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I have the same problem.  Now the MAM is useless.
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Having the exact same issue as well. Doesn't matter which reward I select, immediate crash. MAM now useless until patched.
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Just remember it's in alpha. Having lots of fun. Just made a new save and didnt grab the hard drive and everything works great.
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Same thing happens to me, crashes every time I try to select a reward.
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This is the only crash I've experienced after 7 hours of playtime. Cant abort, crashes no matter what I pick.
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Likewise, thankfully I'd already gotten all(?) the other stuff first.

The recipes it shows me seem bad, though. Most of them use more materials than the basic version.
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Try reloading to before you select a reward. It will randomize again.
(Of course this doesn't matter until the bug is fixed...)
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Same problem here.
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just in case it is of use, here is a pastebin of the crash log: https://pastebin.com/iBUd715W

8 Answers

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You can temporarily fix it to continue playing by editing the save in a hex editor. More details:
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Same here.. tried a couple of different rewards, but all I've chosen have crashed the game so far.
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Came here to say this. Same happening to me.
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To temporarily fix this, if you have a friend with you, you can have the friend collect the reward. I had the same issue and crashed everytime and we had the idea to try it.
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You can also fix this by getting another non-host player to join your server and accept the research for you, this does not crash the game and allows you to get the research.
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got a crash too
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