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I'm not that far into the game and I already wish I had more than one hotbar. Let me save hotbar layouts and switch between them with a key combo.

Factorio has that and it's invaluable, but it's less necessary than in Satisfactory (due to the pipette functionality Factorio provides)
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I came here to suggest this as well. Even if it's just one more hotbar on top of the 1 we currently have it'd save so much time. It could be something like hold the CTRL key + 0-9 keys.

I find myself needing 1 hotbar for setting up logistics and power, and a 2nd hotbar for setting up all of the production buildings/foundations.

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Would be very handy indeed

When exploring I have a different hotbar setup than if I'm building a basic manufacturing facility, or when working on flooring, or walkways, or walls...  I'm now reconfiguring the hotbar several times per hour.

Satisfactory is all about efficiency... So lets have an EFFICIENT Hotbar :-)
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