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I thought a player with gas mask equipted shouldn't receive poison gas damage being inside the vehicle (i've checked inside big truck) when actually it does.
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It is STILL an issue. I hope that get fixed soon. (and this topic will get bumped because of this post)
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quite frustrating..kills immersion
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It does, no matter the vehicle
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An equipped gas mask or hazmat suit should work whilst driving.

I had a nightmare getting 200 uranium to HUB to unlock a couple of alternate recipes before automating nuclear
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When I needed to retrieve carbon for my base, I did have to drive up through a path with poison pillars. It was a pain to record. Since gasmasks didn't work in the truck, when I reached the station, I got off the truck and used an medicinal inhaler to replenish my healt. Then I did go back in the truck to continue the recording. I think this feature should be added to avoid that hassle.

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We had that problem, too. When inside the big truck, with gas mask equiped and filters in the inventory, we still took poison damage.
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It is because items gets uneqipped while in the vehicles... I agree though there should be a filter on the cars or you should keep the gast masks on
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Yeah that is a bug you can give that a Feedback when u are in the game and are in the menu and then press give feedback (that is for them not us but okay)
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