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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to join a friend's game, but it doesn't really work. There's an exclamation mark next to his name. I get "Joining online session" and after some time the game just restarts. Anyone got a clue what's going on or what I need to change?


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same problem here , we play 30 minutes together , then we lost connection and when try connect again it's not possible.
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Well, I managed to join the game of my friend after some time. The first time it was on the second attempt. The second time I tried like six times, restarted my PC and activated a VPN and on the second attempt while on the VPN I managed to join.

No clue what's causing that/blocking me. The two friends I was playing with had no problem seeing each other and joining each other, though they did have an exclamation mark for me too.
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4 hours with my friend, game crash for 5 times without reason, and now he can't join the cession... we can't continue the game !!!!!!!!!!!
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Using a VPN like Beyogi said earlier definitely helps, but is by no means a permanent solution
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My group of 3 is also having this issue. Played since launch today and in the last hour we crashed and now can't join each other's games. Reboots on all computers and still have that triangle with exclamation next to everyone's invite name.

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After doing research, I was able to find one person on reddit who had the solution that seemed to work for us. Both my friend and I had to add both "FactoyGame.exe" and "/FactoryGame/Binaries/Win64/FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe" to Windows Defender Firewall under the "Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall" section. Once adding both of these, clicking "ok", then restarting the game (not sure if the step is necessary, we did), connecting over multiplayer worked.
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Friend and myself tried this to no avail. I think that was a fix for not being able to join the first time. The first login we played for hours np. Then next day he tried to get back nothing, we tried all the fixes we read, nothing, we tried just joining and tried inviting, nothing. Stuck single player now unless we delete the save which I heard works till ya try to save again.
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This seems to have worked for me. I unblocked both exes in my firewall. While the exclamation mark persisted I could join the game on the first attempt twice. And it wasn't a new game, but an old one.

Might just be coincidence, but I'm optimistic.
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So my friend and I had the same problem and figured out the solution. Don't ask me why this works, but it did. I found his idle character that was still in-game after he had been disconnected and killed it. After his character was killed he was then allowed to rejoin the game as a new character even though he still had that exclamation mark next to his name in the invite screen. The downside is we couldn't recover anything in the inventory of his original character.

This initially happened to us because I accidentally ran the truck into him and it crashed my game while I was hosting the server. Upon relaunch we had this issue and tried several things to fix it, but this was the only method that worked.
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This fix worked for me and my friend. The save had 15+ hours on it and only just started doing this.
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