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Played with a friend for about 3 hours until I froze and got kicked from the game. After that I was unable to enter back into his game even after we both did multiple restarts. He says he can see my body where I left it but it says nobody else is on the server.
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Been having issues joining all day. Not sure what is causing this but sometimes we can join after a ton of attempts but no consistent multiplayer joining :(
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Me and my friends were having the same issue.  We can connect just fine initially and play for multiple hours just fine.  Suddenly, something will inevitably happen that will cause our host to crash.  After the crash, no one can seem to reconnect, and the host can see lifeless players in the place the friends all were at the time of crash.  We have tried killing those lifeless ghosts, and it did allow one reconnect, but trying it after the second crash did not work.

I understand it is early access and the multiplayer is a bit janky, but I would gladly take the crashes and having to back up to an autosave, if only we could all reconnect and play again without having to create a new map and start over.
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