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Want to build some more platforms? Instead of opening up your build menu, just hover over an existing platform and middle mouse click to start building more. The same process would go with any structure/object.
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Not clone exactly but select that item to be placeable right away. Clone tool would be even worse. I thought this as a feature to be added to the actual construction tool.
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That's actually how i interpreted this from the start. Just like Minecraft does it.
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Having it on a middle click would be a real problem for me. I've actually deactivated that button on my mouse because it was being a massive painĀ­. I would much rather have a keybind that I can set to whatever I want.
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I'm sure they would make any new key command rebindable
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Yeah, of course it should be implemented through the current control system and allow you to rebind to a different key if you would like. Middle click is just the default key that Minecraft uses for this mechanic (block select).

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It would be nice if we could shift middle mouse click to copy the recipe production too.
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Yes it would! God damn, nice suggestion :D
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I would like to see this feature too!  Maybe be able to assign a hotkey to one of the slots.  Just hit the key on a buildable object and it would get placed in there.  Possibly even copy a building.  Say you have a constructor set up to do iron plates, then use the hotkey to add it to the bar next ones you place would have the same setup.
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Yes, just like in Minecraft, this would be a lovely addition to the game.
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I would love that, since I've started to go full on Minecraft building a really satisfying factory city.
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Can you post a screen shot of that? That would be cool looking.
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