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When I boot up the game and load the world I can use the wasd keys to move around but my mouse will not make the character look around PLEASE FIX NOW URGENT
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Same issue only for me it looks straight up. I can unplug my mouse and the guy still slowly looks up lol
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Mine just started doing this after today's update (2nd April). Have tried -fullscreen -nosplash out of desperation but still doesn't work... game breaking :( Would be good to have a "hardware cursor" or whatever option which may help with wider compatibilty(?).
Did you mange to fix your issue or did you stop playing?
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I found that you have to close the game,  then the epic games launcher and then you have to restart your computer. Then you start the game up like normal. If it doesn't work restart your computer again and game again.

I found that you have to do this every update
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i did that and it still didnt work works for my friend but not me
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Witam. Mam ten sam problem kursor myszy działa w menu itd. ale obrót postaci w grze nie, o dziwo podczas uruchamiania gra ma dziwną zieloną ramkę. Tak czy inaczej milion restartów oraz reinstal gry nie pomaga. POMOCY nie mogę grać MASAKRA!!! cały dizeń bez grania w moją grę.....szkoda gadać

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I found that you have to close the game, then the epic games launcher and then you have to restart your  computer. then you start the game up like normal.

If this doesn't work restart your computer and the game again

I found that you have to do this after every update
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I’ve tried restarting everything a few times as well as reinstalling the game and starting a new game. Played in full screen and windowed. Probably unrelated, but noticed a thin green border like underscan in windowed, which is new. Nothing seems to work. Mouse works fine in all menus and buttons work to swing weapon, etc. just doesn’t look around at all.
Edit: Apparently Comodo Security can interfere with it; saw on another post. Will try tonight.
2nd edit: Yeah, disabled Comodo’s auto-containment and it works now :)
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