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When placing conveyor belts and power line cables, they can be placed through the ground with no issue, not a game breaking bug but kinda stupid and super unrealistic. This normally happens when I connect 2 things that are between a cliff.

(btw I am only on stage 5 tier 1)
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Also seeing this. in addition to the ground they can go through removable obstacles like trees as well.
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I went to add the same bug report but then saw it was already listed. Obviously not an isolated incident.
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Same problem with conveyor pillar, conveyor can go through.
(For wires it's worse, they go through everything)

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Would like dev input to confirm or not.

Watched some videos on youtube of people doing different things and running into different problems when running belts platforms etc through factories.
If I'm correct.
I figured out there are 2 meshes to all buildings n things and another with ground, terrain.

There is a normal mesh that we are all used to. Step on an object. Run into it etc. and it stops you.
The 2nd mesh is the white box you see when placing your building.
No other buildings in this space.

Take a look here. It looks like you can get through but that's what you thought.
and here

At the 9:00 minute mark. He clips the machine but doesn't clip the build mesh.
Keep watching for about 10-15 minutes. He finally figures it out.

Ground is the normal mesh, along with trees. Bushes you can grab but still run through.
Ruffage ie grass flowers.

How this effects belts power lines.
Power cables do not have a mesh. It's purely visable.
Build a power line then build wall over but not other way around. Don't ask me why we can.

Belts/catwalks have the build mesh block on. You can not build through other items with build mesh and nothing beats ground.

So in order for the belts and power lines to not clip through the ground bushes trees flowers etc.
They would have to go back and add build meshes on every item in the entire game.
By the way, that was hand placed over years time. That won't take that long, as it's just updated the mesh on 1 of each item and the game duplicating.

Hard part about that is going back through every item in the game and making sure it doesn't collide with another item. Tree vs tree fights every where.

Flowers grass mesh. I don't want to see conveyor poles floating on top of flowers.

So what does this mean for us.
I think we are just going to have to work around it the best that we can.
Place a few support post 1st. Attach belts or wires and if it doesn't look right.
Disassemble the belt and attach to the next support post.

I hope I'm wrong. I really would like to be wrong on this 1. I really would like it to be easier to place 1 time and know it's not going to clip but I think it might be a tougher problem to fix than it is to leave it alone and let us do the best we can.

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The collision detection needed already exists - think how placing foundations collides with the world (while you're placing them).

Just add these same world collisions to the power line checks.
Couldn't be any easier.

Conveyors are a slightly different story, but not that different.

It's probably not in right now because debugging reasons.
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