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So, I understand that manual crafting is supposed to be tedious to encourage automation, however, I have a wrist injury that makes holding down a single mouse button for any period of time extremely physically painful. Please, please add an option that allows queued manual crafting, I'd be ok if it were slower than normal manual crafting but even just the amount of manual crafting required for a very basic factory is hell on my wrist and not very satisfactory.

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I believe you can hold the space bar instead of the mouse button if that helps.
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What cortexstack said is correct - just hold the space bar.
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I would change this request to "Make it lots more obvious that you can use the space bar in the crafting menus".  I also didn't find out until I read things online.
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Maybe you need a device that you can put on your mouse for holding the button down. 3D Printing is something i think could help you out with that?

But i know what you mean, 200 Chopper Ingots = 600 Wire and this holding is a pain! Long holding and the crafting button goes full white after this... I wish there is an on/off switch option but this would be against the idea of Satisfactory. We have to automate the process with machines.
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adding a que to the manual crafting kind of kills the purpose of a factory game.
it sucks for your wrist injury. But you can place your phone on your mouse button to keep it down. Or set a macro for your keyboard to click and hold mouse button if you have macro's on your keyboard that is
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