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Please add cloud saving in the future that would be so helpful.

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This feature is on the Epic Games roadmap.

And come in the next 1 - 3 months.
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The Epic Launcher has recently shipped this feature and now supports a first implementation of cloud saving, for those games that supports it.


"Support for automatic backup of game save data.

Update: We've shipped the V1 implementation of cloud saves. We'll let you know when it’s available across titles that support this feature."

Hopefully Satisfactory can build support for cloud saves too in a near future.
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Will come in the future. When exactly is unknown probably with dedicated servers later this Year.
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A Dedicated Server is not a Cloud
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Thats true but both are connected and like jace said it is developed together with epic because of the epic launcher.
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I am currently trying to use Google Drive for exactly this use case.... I have synced my Savegame Folder to Google Drive and shared that with my friends, but now I am having the problem that I cannot overwrite existing savegame files anymore ("could not write to disk").

I can save into a new file without problems though, which then shortly afterwards appears in the cloud drive, so that my friends have the latest version of it automatically.

But why can't I overwrite existing saves anymore? Is it an issue in the game or does windows cause problems? Doesnt make sense to me that I can open e.g. a word document from the cloud, edit it, overwrite it without problems, but not a savegame.
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