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Nice Factorio clone already Coffee Stain! :D

So far I'm only a few hours in the game that's why i can't/won't say anything to the Tier-Gameplay or UI at this moment.

But I'd still like to suggest a few things, like a survival mode which contains hunger/thirst and a more extreme wheater system with desert/snowstorms, heavy rain and thunder/lightning(UnrealEngine should has some sweet FX for this). And most important maybe: Pollution which attracts aliens to our base so we have to defend it and last but not least maybe: That we can play solitair in our hubs! :)

Also a short technically question to/for the GameWorld Programmers: Since this is an "Extraterrestrial Planet", are you planning to do something procedural and maybe more openworld like Astroneer where you can fly to other planets to gather specific ressources that are not available on the starter planet?

Also how is it planned with digging? Wouldn't it be cool if we could dig our way to ressources and pull the conveyor belt through the freshdug tunnel system?

Just to clarify i know the Game is done in Unreal Editor and that it's one lovely handmade map. But couldn't ongoing development push in a more random/procedural direction? I just mean it was possible in Astroneer which is also done in Unreal so that technology gap wouldn't be so drastically away from eachother.

(Now sorry for the following red color that burns peoples eyes but it's important that it gets noticed!)

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE PEOPLE AT COFFEE STAIN STUDIO THAT CREATED THE POWERMASTS -> I noticed if you jump in to a power mast which is placed to near to a building you get stuck in between and then you have to salvage the mast in order to get free. Can you make it instead that we bounce off/away the masts instead of getting stuck when they are too close to a building?

I love your Game and i see much potential to be my new factorio/cracktorio! xd <3

All the goods to Coffee Stain and the Community and may the constructors run hot and the conveyors flow steady for y'all!

FyZ1K-One (A random Potato)

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Wondering if we can get the grass to not clip through the metal on flooring or buildings.Also wondering if we will have creatures that respawn. Loving the game. Also an increase in draw distance would be awesome for people with specs able to us it.  Farming would be cool ideal as well. Are we going to allow and support mod community as well. Sorry just really like this game.

David  N

PC Specs: I9 9900K
Ram 32gb ddr4 3000
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You can find the answer for the Mod Support here:


As from the site above:

Further down the road - TBD
• Improvements on core gameplay and systems
• The rest of the FICSIT Milestones and Tech Unlocks
• More buildings, parts, vehicles and creatures
• Complete narrative
• More optimization
• Dedicated Servers
• >>>>>>>> Mod support <<<<<<<
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