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When choosing an alternative blueprint reward, the ingredients and crafting times are listed, but (afaik) it doesn't list the quantity produced per recipe.  That makes it very hard to evaluate how powerful the new blueprints are!

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it does in the name of the recipe in constructors/assamblers
on the workbench it show in the bottom right corner of the picture
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I'm talking about when you're looking at the 3 reward options in the MAM.  Before you actually select one of the 3 options.
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i think at the bottom the last line has how much it produces
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As far as I remember it give an output/minute, but no #/craft
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Usually produced in batches of 3 and usually cheaper than the respective original recipe.
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What are alternative blueprints? You mean the higher level Gear, MK2 etc?
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Spoiler: they're research rewards for the FICSIT hard drives.
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Hard drives... Damn I still know Little about the game XD
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