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I have a concrete miner MK1 but I was Able to place it on the 2nd source I found... It hits mi with this message:

'Encroaching other's Clearance!'

And despite the one I was Able to build being next to a steep Wall, the other one on flat surface is undoable. Am I understanding the game wrong? If needed, I can send a screenshot of the situation.
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I have this same issue. I cannot place miner on three different iron nodes. I was able to place it on a limestone node. Also getting "Encroaching on Other's Clearance!" for the error on all three Iron nodes..
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Yeah exactly this problem. For the second one you described, try moving your Mouse around and point it a bit higher on the node, for me the one you said disappeared but the original one stays...
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I am also facing this issue. Tried with several deposits, quite far apart, no luck. Also seem to be getting the same error when placing a conveyor coming out of a smelter close to the hub (but not that close), with no objects (and my player character) not in the way.
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Are you sure y’all removed the rock sticking out in the middle first?

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Aaand just after I write my comment, I find the answer. You have to manually mine out the pure ore in the middle first, until the rock disappears.
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Lol just found that too
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thanks for the answer.  This is totally not obvious in the game
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That it is. Wasn't playing at the time of the first answer, found that to be the way to do it after returning to the game later.
And after seeing it I totally agree, it's absolutely not obvious, should have some extra indication.
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Just to clear things up: none of you are standing too near to the place where you want to build the miner?

That's just what's coming to my mind.
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Nope, I learned it after placing my first furnace. But overall after playing for 4 hours the game is wonderful, currently 1.30am in my Country so its Time for bed. Will answer tomorrow ;)
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Just tried that too. This is pretty weird
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