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After the initial successful connection to a game hosted by a friend, any further attempts to connect to such without changing any settings simply don't work. I have tried this with four different people hosting and each one setting up new games and such. To be clear, the specific issue we are coming across is "connecting to player" sitting for a minute, I assume timing out, and then reloading the main menu. According to two of the attempted hosts, the other players briefly show up in the game for a split second.

List of fixes attempted:

  1. Turning off data sharing in game settings (all players)
  2. Adding exceptions in Windows firewall for all satisfactory exe files (done by all players)
  3. Forwarded ports 48000-64000, 7777-7778
  4. Disabled firewall
  5. Changed "connection quality" in settings.
Nothing has worked. This is incredibly frustrating when I hear that there were essentially no similar problems for most players during closed test weekend. Whatever changed since then regarding P2P, please redact or go over again.
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I will note that the game is incredibly fun solo, but lacks that vibe. What time I got to play with friends was great.
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Getting the same issue. Managed to reconnect after 10 or so attempts each time, waiting for the time out each time.
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I wouldn't consider it an answer (just a workaround), but I've had a lot of luck with Hamachi.

Like you, it seems, I was able to get the game to report NAT level (moderate) on a single attempt, and my guest connected normally. After it later crashed, the game only reported me as "TBD" and my guest wasn't able to rejoin.

After firing up Hamachi, we connected right away.

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Presently you just have to wait and deal with any problems that come up. Their official statement on multiplayer;

"Is Satisfactory multiplayer?

Yes. We officially support 1-4 players, but we are not limiting it at the moment. This might change but if you want to try more than 4 players then go for it. If it crashes it’s you or Simon’s fault."
There used to be a line in there specifically saying that multiplayer is a bit dodgy, but I guess that was either written elsewhere or has been taken out - but while writing that I think it was in the email with the test weekend keys.
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At the very least, if we could get the ports that the game uses, that's something extremely helpful. I generally assume a test weekend is to figure that out. End of the day, it's early access. Solo is still fun.
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Yea, perhaps it would. Other than a few disconnects I can't honestly say I've experienced many problems with multiplayer myself, sorry I can't be of more help.
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actually some of this has been working for me and my friend

i dont know which solution of this 5 steps but one or more worked for us
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