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TL;DR: Splitters/Mergers should be shorter, so they can properly fit into stackable conveyer belt system without weird height differences.

I'll call 1 stackable conveyer belt 1 height as a unit of measurement.
If you have two lines going side by side, one height 1 another height 2, and at the same position you insert splitters, the height two split off conveyour should just go over the height 1 splitter nicely
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I just ran in to this issue as well, I noticed you can slap a splitter or merger right on to the line not even on a pole but the height of the sorting unit is to tall to be useful on any level other then the top level. Only way i can see it working is to try to pull the line to the side and split it and then attach it back in to your stacked pole line.
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I have been having fun with this issue as I found that once the belts are placed, all bets are off on the collisions of the splitters and mergers. They can be placed anywhere on the belt regardless of collisions with other objects (except poles/turns of the belt itself). I've managed to stack them all the way up a tower of stacked belts and then connect to same line a little bit latter, or even start a new stacked belt line right from a splitter.
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Yeah, I've found this functionaliy/bug/workaround myself. Imo, that should be possible to do in any order of placement and would be a huge QoL improvement especially for bigger factories.
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I came here to post this, it needs more votes.

The only thing keeping splitters as high as they are are the oil barrels, which could be redesigned to be shorter easily enough.

Not clipping into the belt above it would be SO nice, then I could remeove/replace them without ripping out all the belts above it.
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