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The same for me, at least I’m able to put Portable Miner to collect ore and manually craft ignots.
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And I have found 2 purple slugs covered with the same boulders. And Im already researched purple slug technology
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There are other Caterium deposits nearby that can be mined - just scan for it
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On Top of the waterfall ist a minable Caterium deposit.
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in tier 4 there are explosives you can use to remove the boulders. they've been blocking off caves and slugs and valuable ores for me. there are also trees/brush/coral covering slugs and WIP objects similarly that can only be removed with a chainsaw.

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It's likely that one of the research chains will give you the ability to destroy those rocks, probably sulfur, but it's not in the game yet. There are some Caterium deposits that don't have rocks on them, there's one in the desert starting area that I'm aware of.
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There is another Caterium ore deposit near that one with no boulders
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i noticed this also, the one i pinged  was actually right outside my base. was wondering what that big bolder was but there was also another uncovered mining spot i could put a miner on. i would have to assume we will get explosives at some point to blast rocks. i don't know for sure so do what you want with that information but it seems reasonable as to the things we are collecting.
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I don;t know cause some of the things you can make with caterium are HUB level 3/4  research, so waiting til much higher to blast rocks for lower tier resources doesn't sound very efficient.
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true, maybe they just need to take a look at it and balance it better.
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There are plenty of nodes.  I am mining 3 that are wide open plus any number of small resource spawns.  That makes the caterium implementation completely efficient AND well balanced.  Explore the map.  Find the resources.

There are a number of boulders I've found that are blocking access to things.  No doubt that is what the sulfur will be used for in future updates.
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In higher tiers you can unlock sulfur which is needed for gunpowder and explosives. Those rocks/trees/boulders can be removed
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This is now "fixed" and this thread can be locked. You get there via research. (Not gonna spoil how here though)
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Still bugged though.
the boulders reappear after reloading
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But they don't interfere with existing infrastructure, so it doesn't really matter atm.
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You don't really need caterium products up to now, I suspect once higher tiers require appreciable amounts of supercomputers it'll be more efficient to use the caterium alternatives for that and then you'll also be able to free those nodes to get more caterium once you might actually use that much.

So balancewise it does make sense the way it is.
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i just threw about 20 portable miners on the one covered in boulders and once in a while i fill my truck up then drop it at a station that's dedicated to processing it. I have 2 T2 storage containers full of quickwire now
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