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Everytime i load a game, i am a new character with an empty inventory while my old character is an empty dummy on the map. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
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When you start the game are you getting a message saying that it cannot create an online session?
If you are then you will get a ghost character and your main character will be in the game when you log in.
This occurs for me if either I have no internet connection or I start the game with "-epicportal" in the command line to prevent the epic launcher from starting.
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Yes i get the online session error message, my internet is fine though
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I'm having the same issue. I load into my saved game (offine and a private session) and spawn as another player. I attempt to kill my double as suggested on this "forum". The old player with all the inventory doesn't drop a box and just "waits" for a revive. Now I've noticed that my game is unable to connect to Satisfactory servers since it cannot retrieve news (Unable to retrieve news displayed in the news section) or create online sessions. I believe this is the root of the issue. Since the game can't tell I'm the same person loading the saved game from the server/Epic Games' launcher, the game assumes I'm a new player and spawns a fresh player. I have made sure that both Epic Games Launcher and Satisfactory are allowed through Windows' Firewall. I don't use a antivirus software right now. And I am confirmed logged into Epic Games through my Google account (It shows me as online). I've reinstalled both Satisfactory and Epic Games Launcher to no avail. That's all I've observed from this bug. Other than that, the game runs flawlessly!
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It is fixed now for me, in my case it was my antivirus blocking the internet connection.
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