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When constructing our factory we quickly ran into a very frustrating problem: We could only split lines 50/50.

I'd love to see a very precise splitter where I can set a ratio on the exits. I want to go up to a splitter and press 'E' to configure it. A little GUI appears where I can see all three exits. There I can see all the items that are currently running into this splitter listed next to each exit. Next to the item names is a little text field where I can type in numbers to define a ratio for each respective item.

Let's say I need 40 tubes to cover my need for screws and want to split off the rest of my production into some storage box in case I need the screws for something else. I can see in my Constructor interface that I am producing 56 per Minute. I could enter 40 on the exit that leads to my other Constructor and 16 on the exit that leads to my storage box. Or I enter 5 and 7 because I can do math. The splitter then calculates its ratio and distributes the items according to this ratio.

Simply "overloading" the system with parts, as not required materials are just stacked back, does work of course, but leads to a way bigger facility for no real reason.

This is one aspect that makes this game, that I enjoy fully otherwise, a little bit frustrating, as proper item flow management is not really possible without this.
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in theory the work around is to use splitterss and mergers to merge back into the line that needs more. divide by half and and the divide one of the halfs back into the needed line making a 1/2 and a 1/4 making that a 1/4 -3/4 split. you can keep dividing and adding till you get close to the flow you need.

It's not perfect but is a fun way to work out the problem physically.

it can be done in halves and thirds, so although not perfect could really be quite a fun brain teaser.

Either that, or the UI should be a later upgrade like the overclocking UI.
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There's a smart splitter and programmable splitter in the Caterium research tree, but the smart splitter only lets you filter which resources go which way, and the programmable splitter is currently not buildable because you need turbo motors so I'm not sure how it works. It would make sense to be able to adjust them though, and the Caterium research tree is pretty far down the line.
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I would love to see a splitter where you can have 3 different resources go through and be split  by resource or something along those lines. I built a pretty big factory for my needs but my game life would have been a little easier if I had a way to may a convayer go into a splitter with multiple resources and have the splitter split them by resources and so forth, or maybe have like a industrial splitter thats like massive and can sort like 4-6 resources?

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Yah.. lets go further, and get not only ratio settings, but type settings. To split one type of things from another .Nice .
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I would like a totally smart splitter, where i can filter the output and configure prioritys and ratios but adding multiple splitters and mergers will allow some ratio configurations but consumes alot more space, also transporting volumes of materials long distances via belts would be accomplish able via smart filters and mergers if they choose to implement this, otherwise massive amounts of belts are needed for each item. perhaps smart logistics are available in the future, however not being able to see what tech is in the future leaves us all guessing until we unlock it.
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I want this too and while the game doesn't have this feature, I usually downgrade a belt leaving the splitter to create a bottleneck. It's not perfect but it helps.
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