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If you press tab whilst holding space to fly, you will continue to fly up whilst in the menu, if during this time you swap to the blade runners you will continue to fly up infinitely at a very high rate, till the sky limit kills you.
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Cool find. Have you tested what happens when you pull this off, build some height and then switch back to jetpack?

Also you better add UI tag, because it is caused by inventory window overriding space bar control.
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Added UI tag, seems like you can let the blade runner momentum end before swapping the jetpack on it sometimes stops making you fly.
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Just tried that and it starts using fuel again but your upward moment is sooo high there's no stopping it :) incredibly fun but crashy bug
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If you are quick you can swap back to the JetPack and get some nice overhead shots of your factory and land safely with plenty of fuel to spare.

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Funny bug!  Works like a charm!
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