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Placing conveyer belts can be really frustrating at times, for example I can litteraly place the belts ON TOP OF STORAGE CONTAINERS, but then if I wanna put a conveyer within like 10 feet of a assembler itll be like "sorry this overlaps it" even though visually it clearly does not, I wish there was some ai helper thing that helped me place them, Its also annoying placing conveyers vertically since 95% of the time itll be mad about it being too steep even though it looks fine.
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Belts in general need a bit of an overhaul.  Trying to connect stacked storage containers works perfectly sometimes, and other times the planned belt passes right through the middle of the block and fails.
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Open the build menu to build a Splitter. Hold it around and you can see the outline for all the various devices and where their outer box is. Then you know where to run conveyor belts around em. It's really easy once you get the hang of it.
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The problem you're reffering to is because of a building's hitboxes. Yes, the belt would not come in touch with any of the machines moving or fixed parts, but the way the hitboxes work is that it literally is a 3D box surrounding the machine to the furthest part in each dimension. so while there is this big flat platform ontop of a constructor, the hitbox reaches up to the antenna,  which signals the machines opertational status.

I do not know, if this will be changed later, mainly because more accurate hitboxes might cause severe performance issues, but for now you just have to keep that in mind.

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Conveyer lifts are what you ask for.
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