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nothing more annoying then having a very nice split - belt - split ect > machine setup and then remembering that each machine wants a full stack of items before it stops accepting more. i don't want to have to evenly split every single machine before i run belts into them. there is actually no reason to have a full stack of items in each machine.

could it be limited to be equal to the required input for each item times 2 or 3. so take Iron Plates, instead of the input stacking to 100 iron ingots it instead stacks only to 4-6 (recipes needs 2 ingots times 2-3). another example Reinforced Iron Plate, instead of plates stacking to 100 and screws stacking to 500. plates stack to 8-12 and screws stack to 48-72. (recipe requires 4 iron plates and 24 screws)

i understand that early game you want to just throw in a stack and let it go ham on it. that's fine, however when a belt inserts into the machine it should only allow it to stack to a smaller degree as once a system back stuffs you will NEVER get those resources out of the machines unless you go in there and dig them out by hand.

as to why to do this, well there are many.

1. when you rip down a old system you will find that your inventory ends up with stacks and stacks of ingots or really anything for the matter. you are now forced to insert those materials by hand into machines that have no inputs (as they will never out preform their input unless you set it up that way which is just foolish) i suppose you could just trash it but that seems wasteful.

2. like i said before there is no reason for the machines to hold more materials it serves no purpose other then bloating your inventory once you set your sights on a more organized  factory.

3.it should be rather simple to put in, it's just some simple math and you are already checking if the slot is full or not. so it wont draw any attention away from other bigger improvements to the game.
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I would love this option.  Wouldn't mind it toggleable but always on isn't a bad thing either!

Here's another reason to do it though, You have  4 smelters and 1 miner.  smelter smelts 30 min, overclocked MK2 miner at 200% mines 120 ore/min.  4 smelters = 120 ore/min.  Conveyor belt to splitter = 3 way even split but you need 4 machines.  so one of the lines go to another splitter.  Now it's an uneven split and you have to wait for 1 or 2 smelters to fill up before the other smelters are at 100% efficiency.  With a change like this the wait is shorter.  Sure there are ways to make it split evenly, spliter 2 other spliters and the second set of splitters go to 2 machines each, but it's inefficient and just more work.
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Mining speed entirely depends on the vein it's sitting on, mk 2 miner mines at 120/minute without overclock on a normal vein and a mk1 will do 120/ minute on a pure vein.

And as for making the ore go into the splitter and having an uneven split, there's an easy fix for that. Take a mk2 conveyor to a single splitter with 2 outputs, then that's 60/min going to each side, then have each of those outputs go to another splitter with only 2 outputs which then makes 30/minute. (That's literally what I did on mine) then you can connect 2 smelters back to each other wth a merger to get that to a 60/min output, repeat on the other 2 smelters, then connect those outputs to another merger with a mk.2 conveyor. And there you have 120/minute mining as well as 120/minute smelting and travelling.
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well you would split into 2 branches then split into 4 lanes from those two branches. although yes i get what you are saying.
really early game there is too much of a gap between getting better belts that can handle the throughput of a mini factory. what would be great is a attachment to the miners that splits without belts, allowing you to grab 120 ore (if pure) from 2 normal belts instead of having to hook up all the miners to get enough throughput to get rods and plates going.
every tier should have a better belt, going from 60 items/min to 120 items/min is a massive jump and it should be smoothed out a bit more.
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I can't honestly agree, I've never thought that my output is too low, and never restricted by slow belts, especially for rods and plates, some of the higher stuff and things that need the assemblers, sure. But nothing before I was able to use the increased belts.
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