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Hello over there. I have a massive screw production ongoing around Tier 3~4. The Assemblers gulp those away like cookies. The screw input for the Assembler is maxed, however those will have a downtime of 3 seconds, sometimes up to 6 seconds. I am not sure if this is intended. Converyor Belt MK.2 are used.

While those burn screws away, Iron Rods and Iron Plates are stucked and could be used anywhere else.

This output/input issue about screws on Assemblers is at a rate of 1:1, so I cannot even save some screws up in containers which are between Assemblers and Screw Constructors. I have to seperate an own Screw Constructor for its own just to keep some screws saved. Of course.

8 Screws Constructors don't seem to fit with 4 Assemblers, at least it feels like that. Lets say I build 3 Screws Constructors for an Assembler, this won't change anything since the Conveyor Belts cannot afford more in time. Could change with Belt MK.3, but this will make it grindy to reach and even to construct Steel.

My suggestion is to lower the rate of screws the Assemblers are consuming by 8~9% or by 2 Screw units. Or an Screw/Assembler overhaul since screws are nearly burned away. It is nice to see everything fluiding, but this kinda makes Screws useless.

The production of Rotors, Modular Frames as well as Reinforced Iron Plates is low due to that reason.


P.s.: Screw these Screws xD
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You will need Conveyor Belt MK.3 to get close to the throughput you need.
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Hm yeah, I guessed about using Conveyor Belts MK.3 to fix this issue.

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I see screws to be that one item that totally changes how you have to look at your designs.  Mk1 belts might be fine everywhere except for some ore production and screws.  MK2 belts can even handle a 60/minute mk2 miners overclocked to 200% to make it 120/minute.   Screws on the otherhand, you'll have to deal with some machines being <100% efficient until you switch to mk3 belts.  Honestly though MK3 belts are pretty cheap.  I think I'd rather spend the steel for the mk3 belts most times over the reinforced iron plates for the MK2.

Don't see an issue with screws throwing a new kind of challenge.
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If you find the Blueprint for Screw, take it!  You can transform ingots directly into screw, you will gain a lot of time and increase your production of screw, and lower your consommation of electricity, because you dont need to transform them into Rods anymore.
 Now, all my screw are made directly by ingots, i dont have this problem anymore and i'm Tier 6 close to have all ressources for Tier 7.
If you have problem for Screw later, take the Blueprint of Computer, you will thank me later :p
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Sounds nice with that Blueprint, especially when found while we are still between Tier 3~4. Later the upgraded Converyor Belts as well as Slugs could handle and improve this, too. But in early game around Tier 3~4, the Assemblers burning these Screws like they were nothing. The outcome of Rotors, Modular Frames as well as Reinforced Iron Plates are just too low there.
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