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I like the game. Thx for the good game.

But there is something I don`t like that`s the ingame progress / difficulty level. It`s far to easy.    

The problems I see are:

1.It`s to easy to reach the next "Tier LvL" and why two tiers with 1x material (and only a small amount)?

2.And all buildings are too cheap. / infinity resources

3.The Workbench

Finally this 3 problems are the reason that I don`t have to build a big factory. There is only a small amount necessary to reach the final tier and no reason to build more. I have some suggestions to change this.

1. Workbench.  The issue (or 2) : I can craft everything, very fast.

It should be limited to basic recipes which are necessary to build the first buildings

All other materials should only be craftable in buildings or it should be at least 10x the time to craft them myself at the workbench. (Or maybe each higher tier materials should need much more time)

Why? Currently I build some small production chains to produce the basics (which are stored) in the meantime I travel the world, and then I get the materials and craft them all by myself at the workbench( I love the space bar and a little weight). It´s much easier as to build new buildings. Why I`m doing this? Because I`m human and I`m search for the fastes way to get the job done.

Edit: Thats what the game is teaching me right now craft all yourself you are faster.^^

and it`s the same with all recipes. Produce only the basics and the end product at the workbench. At least it should be minimal exactly the opposite.

Workbench 100 Ironbars - 43 Seconds

Smelter  30 Ironbars - 60 Seconds

Workbench 100 Ironplates - 22 Seconds

Constructor 15 Ironplates - 60 Seconds

Edit end

2. Buildings are too cheap / infinity resources

I can produce every new building whithout any problem (see above workbench) because they are to cheap. There should be some key buildings which are very expensive. Like Coal plants or I don`t know. Currently the biggest problem is the combination of infinity resources with everything else is to cheap.  I played the north game start and the Mines gave me 120 at start / I know, first conveyor belt 60/min.

I think there should be upgrades for automated miners. At first only 20/min 40/min and so on or the buildings and recipes should be much more expensive.

About the portable miners

They should be limited for each resource node too. So that player can`t use them as an exploid for reduced miners.

3: Gamestarts

I really like this handcrafted map. But there is one problem the resources again.  They should be adjusted too.  Unpure nearby the start position and so on. maybe random ressource spawn points areas?


the big problem this game has (my opinion) are the infinity resources and everything is to cheap. There is no reason (and no opportunity) to spend them. After a small time my storages are full and I craft most of the neccessary parts myself and I have reached the highest tier without any problems. I played another game where you have to build a factory very very much (I guess you know which game I mean) and they solved the problem with the reseach (really big influence for this) and other things (base defences to craft ammo) to get resources out of the game to make sure that the player is building a more and bigger automated base.

Please don`t misinterpret it.  I really love Satisfactory and I will play it a lot moooore.^^ And I know it`s Early Access and that`s the reason why i wrote it.^^

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1. I think that if you remove the advanced recipes devs will need to change a lot of reagents needed because, if I am not wrong, there are buildings that you need to craft their reagents by hand before the automatization. It is a lot easier to just slow down the hand crafting 10 times and I totally agree with that.

2. I don't thing that things are too cheap but I do believe that the quality of the vein should be changed. It would be very interesting if the quality decline over the time, you don't remove the infinite resources but "force" the player to bring resources from another vein.

Portable Minners. Totally agree.

3. I really like the idea of a random generated map (I hope that they put this kind of thing in the future) but random veins (quality and type) should work.
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I would love to have random stuff at the game like the veins or special materials we need for research. But i dont think this will come unless there will be a DLC.

They really should slow down the hand crafting and limit it to iron, chopper and concrete. Hand craft Rotor and Frames should be disabled and all other higher Tier items.

Or all Items that need more than one material should be disabled on hand crafting.
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I totaly agree with your suggestions!

Its way to cheap and easy for research and always the same materials and amount... i just build my production go afk for some hours and after this i can research the hole Tier... thats boring!

Why not connect the research for Tiers with exploring, like we need alien artefacts for research or special materials collecting out of dungeons?

The Buildings are cheap too but we dont know if this is because we are in early access and its easier to test all things fast with cheap material costs.
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I don't think that these kind of things will be implemented because they can't be automated. We need to remember that Satisfactory is a game based in automatization.
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Guessing here...

If you craft stuff manually, you will see the craft bench slowly "heat up".  Right now, this just barely has an impact (it seems to increase build time a bit), but I think the idea is that the bench will overheat (more) and that crafting time increases significanly and cools down slower.
So it would be possible to make a handfull of something, but using the workbench to make 100 of something would either not work (need to stop to let the bench cool down) or it'll be incredibly slow.

Just not implemented this way.

But yes, as it is now, (I think) you can pretty much get to the end of tier 5 without ever building a single building.
I'm not sure I would want to unlock tier 6 manually where you would need to hand craft 1000 computers and 1000 heavy frames though laugh

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