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I love the game so far. Addicting sums it up very well. That being said, a few things I would like to see in the near future:

1. The first trick you get, should have headlights, kind of like the flashlight the player has

2. The walkways should connect to the hub's walkway and have a similar texture. It seems the walk-way have a similar model with the hub, and yet the hub can't connect to it the same way a foundation does.

3. The hub should be a bit larger to match the foundation tiles. It would fit the suggestion above more and soothe a lot of OCD with placement.

4. There should be some way to measure distances between placements, not just the ability to snap things. Useful for aesthetics but also useful for functional reasons. An example is that the storage containers are slimmer than the constructors, or the conveyors need a minimum distance before they can turn, or a certain distance before they can slope.

5. Ability to skip night. Lesser priority. The night is useful for finding slugs and some other valuables, but in base-building it's often just gets in the way. Especially without lights...

7. Lights (I know this has already been suggested). This is pretty essential if the ability to skip the night doesn't exist.

8. Slime scanner. All for exploration but at a certain point this just becomes tedious. At the same time, the slug is pretty necessary to create a system that keeps up with a faster pace.

9. The ability to farm and harvest berries, nuts, and pretty much everything you discover, even if this is tier 6 or 7. Another one that I think has already been suggested, but for people who don't want to break the pace of their exploration every so often, having everything at the base would be very appreciated.

I know they're a lot, and you might have some really good reasons for not implementing some of these already, and some are planned, but these are the real stand-outs from my experience with your incredible game so far. Keep up the great work :)
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how about this

-zip lines
- lights
-in game radio /build able speaker system for radio (for music/stations)
- being able to build a rocket travel to another world and set up another factory and then set up a supply route......build space station
actual pipe line to pump gases around to use for fuel or other uses
-adjustable UI***** please!
-build able mega structures that actually has a use kinda like the space elevator
-seasons....summer /fall/winter/spring
-build able tanks/big guns -> boss battle
-terraform worlds then explore then build factories for exotic resources
-build able water pipe system ....cool down some extreme heat machines
-horizontal/ vertical elevators
-able to sell complex items made in factory to unlock another part of the map an or extreme high valued reward that has use and or high importance (end game)
-manipulate terrain
-cages,,,,for animals analyzing
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