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I want to create an "isolated" smart, short and temporarily Biofuel Cycle whenever I am in need. Container is connected to Constructor which is connected to said Container.

If I put Biomass into the Container, the Belts are delivering it for the Constructor which creates Biofuel. That Biofuel should return back to the Container. Nice idea, huh?!

Well, whenever all Biomass has been depleted/constructed into Biofuel, the Container is so filled with Biofuel only. The Belts are still delivering though... but the wrong item now. It pushes those just created Biofuel, continues its work.

By a Filtering System/Feature, I could set an outgoing item such as Biomass only. So this cycle won't become stucked/stopped/interrupted by false stuff.

Whenever I am in a need of Biomass & Biofuel, I could so put Biomass into the Container, the Container would only allow to push Biomass for the Constructor, the Constructor creates Biofuel, which delivers it back into the said Container, enabling my Emergency Power for quite a time, and viola.


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Yeah i would Love that too its pretty bad that i cant filter in early game ... i just build my truck station and starting transport items from production lines to main base ... there i get the problem to automate from that point on i have to manualy resort the incoming items ... it triggers me on different levels :D

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Later in the game there is a filter spliter that may help. Untill then I would suggest just having the bio fule go to a second storage on top of the first, that way you don't need to worry about the first container trying to feel fuel to the constructor
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Thanks my friend.
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Why not just put a container on the other side of the constructor?
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