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Hey there,

I wish to have a persistent meters/kilo meters idicator (e.g.: 700m, 1.7km) to my home and beacons at my upper compass, just as the same as I would like to scan for resources. When scanning, it also shows the distances to scanned resources. Distances to Home and Beacons should be permanently present.

Hey, I am within the Desert and next Coal Mine is about 1.2KM away. My Space Lift is seen, but I would also know the distance back. Thanks in advance.

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One of the reasons I registered here: Beacons distances!

This post is "old" but musn't die. I would aslo like to see somekind of a marker or a glow appear when I drive near one. I do, sometimes, see the icon pass me by on the compas but am usually staring at the "road" or, more precisely looking for potential obstacles to not "fly into space following a tinny collision" so I do not see them beacons often nor know how far they are...

Edit: And I hate that!

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Yep, distance indicators would be VERY helpful, maybe with a toggle switch so it doesn't clutter the compass too much.
Also, please include this system for other players in multiplayer, it's difficult to keep track where everybody is when you are playing with 8 people. ;)

A fading system could also be nice, where items in the compass slowly get more transparant (up to 50% or something). After 1 or 2 kilometers it can just stay at 50%, it's just 'far away'. ;)

3D Compass under a key could also be a very valid option, sort of the 3d map in Battlefield.
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Also custom coloring of beacon markers would be great too
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+1 for this one!

I'd really like to know the distance to my beacons. It's very useful when scouting for resources, crash sites etc and planning where to expand.

@iltaen: The coloring function seems to be implemented now.
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