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Hey there ^^

As i was starting to build a bigger factory and finally started to wall my production area in, one thing started to bug me:

The wall Perpendiculars are always on the "inside" of the wall. If i want to pull a belt along the outside to have it enter at a later point, the perpendicular walls will always look different then the surrounding tiles. It's not a big problem for the starter walls, but if you go for a more "steely" look like i did, you will always have steel beams on the outside of your building.

The second thing that came to me when i was trying to pull off multiple lanes on walls: It starts to get messy really quick.

So i replaced 3 perpendiculars with a triple wall conveyor. That way i can get 3 parallel lanes along the wall. Downside to this: it's horrible management wise. You always have to build a foundation to make it look like it will not collapse at any given second. So double or triple perpendicular walls would be huge for me right now ^o^ (i know i could build stackable conveyor poles to make it easier, but reaching those 20-30m up in the air is fiddly xD)

So far this game has been huge. Only one crash in 30hours of gametime and the multiplayer aspect is amazing

Keep up the good work ('-')/
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