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Mouse doesn't work for camera or movement at all. 

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Launch game 
  2. Use mouse to start new game. Watch intro. 
  3. Use WASD to move around. Mouse doesn't control camera. Press Esc - mouse works for mouse movement. 
  4. Restart. Same results.

Mouse is a Logitech G502.

Mouse works for in game menu's.  Mouse works for left click and right click when equipping something.

Camera worked with Xbox360 controller for Windows 10, but still couldn't get mouse to work.

Uninstalled, reinstalled.  

Verified integrity.

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Same here. I have a "Razer Ouroboros" and at this state the game is not playable for me. I need camera look with the mouse.
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I had this exact bug on the alpha weekend.  On saturday, I played for about 6 hours (not sure how far I advanced) using just the controller and occasionally keyboard/mouse when needed.  When I woke up the next day (sunday), I discovered that I was able to use the mouse.  Don't remember changing any settings anywhere.
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A bit of a follow-up... I woke up this morning to find that all my save files were gone, but now I can use the mouse to control the camera.  This is pretty much exactly what happened in alpha weekend.  Hope it's also fixed for you all as well! :D
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I have a Logitec MX Master 2S. It worked fine I installed the game on Friday. Saturday morning and the mouse only lets me look to the sides and up. I can't swing around to see the dog thing that is attacking me.
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Same for me i Can move the mouse in game menu i Can walk in game i Can shoot,throw items but i cant look around.

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I found that the issue was caused by Comodo Security Suite.  In particular their auto-containment feature.  Any unknown applications are ran in a virtual container.  This was the Root Cause.
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this was my problem too comodo was  interfering
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