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The chainsaw consume way too much fuel, I mean cutting a tree take close to a full tank of (bio)fuel (6 pieces of wood, and 20 something of leaves)
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I actually disagree with this. But it might be because I had gotten it a bit later on. Also, things may have changed since you posted this (Mar. 22) by now (Apr. 13) but I actually invested in  building myself up a nice biofuel generation section. It didn't cost a whole heck of a lot and even it it did it paid off massive dividends! Basically I have two storage containers, one for leaves, one for wood, conveyor belts from each on into their own Constructor that takes the leaves and wood, respectively, and makes biofuel (I forget what the name is just before the actual fuel canisters -- and not near a workbench to check), I then take those constructor outputs, and conveyor belt them into a merger, the single output of the merger goes into a single constructor making the final biofuel product. I finally take a conveyor belt and attach that final constructor, via conveyor belt, to another storage container. viola! Now whenever I'm clearing flora and fauna and I come back to base, I just dump the pieces into the proper storage containers and while I'm out doing all sorts of other stuff that segment of my factory is just churning away making me my fuel and now that I have coal, I could theoretically almost make a completely self-sustaining system (minus the wood and leaves supply) since coal can be mined and the sugarcube can be route-programmed to pick up and drop off using truck stations, and the coal gained by that can be directly fed into the coal powerplant. But again, a lot of this is -possibly- impingement on me getting the chainsaw later on (before I got coal, but later on nonetheless) and things may have changed since Mar 22. I do find the sugarcube seems to chew through biofuel like candy though.
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i just want the chainsaw to run on the oil-based fuel as well as the biofuel. Same goes for the jetpack.

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I think it does use a lot early game but later it's not that noticeable and I feel as though less fuel wouldn't be much different from infinite fuel, I would like the ability to use regular fuel instead of bio fuel mid game though.
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