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I load into my saved game (offline and a private session) and spawn as another player. I attempt to kill my double as suggested on this "forum". The old player with all the inventory doesn't drop a box and just "waits" for a revive. Now I've noticed that my game is unable to connect to Satisfactory servers since it cannot retrieve news (Unable to retrieve news displayed in the news section) or create online sessions. I believe this is the root of the issue. Since the game can't tell I'm the same person loading the saved game from the server/Epic Games' launcher, the game assumes I'm a new player and spawns a fresh player. I have made sure that both Epic Games Launcher and Satisfactory are allowed through Windows' Firewall. I don't use a antivirus software right now. And I am confirmed logged into Epic Games through my Google account (It shows me as online). I've reinstalled both Satisfactory and Epic Games Launcher to no avail. Also, the game does not shut down when closed. It has to be closed down through the Task Manager. The issue seems to be something wrong with the communication between Epic Games Launcher and the game. Maybe the Epic Games Launcher is having trouble manipulating the program after to launches it? That's all I've observed from this bug. Other than that, the game runs flawlessly!
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Had the same issue.
Pretty devastating to my playthrough xD
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I tried to start game through Steam because Epic is a bigger performance hog than Steam. So it goes in offline mode when i start game with -EpicPortal parameter. I see online news in the main menu, but it makes a new character everytime that starts inside hub. Old player clones keep piling up and they have their own inventories.
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When I realized I was a "New Player" (with no gear whatsoever) looking at the lifeless body of my "Old Self", I logged out and reloaded. When I re-entered the game, this time I was back in my "Old Self" (with all my gear) but the "New Player" is still standing there, motionless, in the middle of my hub. How can I delete the "New Player"?

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Okay! I wish there was a central location that this info was on, but had a look at Satisfactory reddit and found this gem: 
Known Issues + some solutions

Just posting a few of the major known bugs and some (temporary) solutions. We were hoping to have a patch out by now, but we need to ensure that the patch is safe and so things are taking a little longer than expected. Apologies for that but I can assure you we see the reports and we're listening! As annoying as the bugs are for you, they are - imo - WAY more annoying for us as this is a passion project of ours and it genuinely hurts to see you all experiencing these bugs.

Really sorry. We're doing our best! :3

Onto the issues!


Issue: Can’t play/join multiplayer because login on start-up fails. (A good 
indicator is nothing showing in the News Feed)

Fix: Disable Send Game Data in the Options Menu. Doesn't seem to work for 
everyone, but it does help for a lot of folks. We are currently testing 
a proper solution for this.

Issue: Can’t save the game.  

Fix: For example on Windows Defender, you can allow the Satisfactory executable 
through controlled folder access. Make sure to add the right .exe, the folder 
path could look like this: 

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Binaries\Win64\FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

We are currently testing a proper solution for this. 

Information on how to allow an app through controlled folder access: 

Issue: Crashes in Multiplayer referencing the Replication Graph. 

We don’t have a workaround, but are currently testing a solution for this.

Issue: Can't go into windowed mode/full screen and shows a black screen. 

Fix: In your epic launcher, open settings (found in the bottom left of the launcher). 
Scroll to the bottom, you will see Satisfactory Early Access. Click it to expand it. 
Click "Additional Command Line Arguments". Add "-WINDOWED" (without quotes). 
Run the game. This will force windowed mode.

So give the "Don't send data to devs" option a try. It worked for me. Also, I hope they find a fix soon. I actually want to send my data to help improve the game!

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that and i would also recommend setting network quality to ultra in the settings
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I was just bypassing the Epic login screen to fire up Satisfactory so it was treating me as a new player each time...when a logged in added coal to my inventory and moved to a new location then saved, exited to desktop then went in again I had the coal and was in the new location so that worked.
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